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You can find all our videos and interviews from around the world right here. In addition to radio content, Jazz City Radio offers its listeners a huge collection of curated and high quality videos to enjoy. These include music clips as well as updates from events we are covering or hosting and more.

Seaside Drive

Tim Bowman

A sound different from any other, Tim Bowman Call Detroit Michigan home. The place where so many music greats got their statr. In 2010 Tim released "The Collection" with it's chart topping "Let It Shine".

My Prayer

Bryan Thompson

Bryan Thompson is a young contemporary jazz saxophonist. His styles range from jazz to instrumental pop and r&b. He began playing at age 9, and is considered a prodigy. Bryan continues to master his craft while being innovative in the music business all the time a high school student,

Looking At Me (feat. Gigi)

Bob Baldwin

The Brazilian American Soundtrack

International Recording Artist Bob Baldwin has recorded music on four continents, including the country of Brazil, which is the locale of his latest recording, "The Brazilian-American Soundtrack".

Rio Drive

Gregg Karukas

Gregg Karukas' music is the epitome of class ... "Dave Koz"

From his 2014 CD "Soul Secrets", comes the most played song of 2015 "Rio drive"
One of urban contemporary jazz's vost versatile artist.


Teddy P

Matt Marshak

Matt Marshak infuses new energy into the golden era of contemporary jazz and R&B – think late 1970s through the 1980s – on Lifestyle, the guitarist’s strongest and most honest release.

A Night With The Saxtress

Pamela Williams

A multi-talented musican and visual artist, Pamela Williams aka. The Saxtress. Pure polish with amagical soun that you will not forget.


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